Terms & Conditions


  1. The CEA Card is issued by Euclid Ltd on behalf of the UK Cinema Association (UKCA) and remains the property of the UKCA. It is for individual cinemas and operators to participate in this scheme and any cinema operator reserves the right not to honour the CEA Card, or to retain it where they have reason to believe it is being misused or used outside of the terms and conditions set out in this document.
  2. In applying for the CEA Card, a person is deemed to have fully accepted the terms and conditions set out in this document. Where a cardholder is suspected of contravening these terms and conditions, the CEA or any participating cinema, reserves the right to retain the card pending their further investigation.
  3. Eligibility to apply for the Card is set out below; receipt of any other disability or age-related benefits, pass or permit which is not specified in the eligibility criteria cannot be accepted when applying for a Card.
    The person applying for a card should be in receipt of:
    1. Disability Living Allowance (DLA);
    2. Attendance Allowance (AA);
    3. Blind Persons Registration;
    4. Personal Independence Payment (PIP);
    5. Armed Forces Independence Payment.

    So, for example, the Blue Badge scheme and Employment and Support Allowance scheme will not be accepted as proof of eligibility.

    Limitations placed on Cinemas by their local licenses require children and young people under 8 years of age to be accompanied by a responsible person; consequently applications for cards can only be considered for people who are 8 years of age or older.

Terms of use

  1. The CEA Card will not be valid unless it displays a photograph that is an accurate and recent likeness of the cardholder along with all other information present on the Card on its issue. The Card is not transferable and only the cardholder shall be entitled to use it. Any participating cinema operator reserves the right to ask for some additional form of identification from the cardholder. Any cinema operator also reserves the right to check the validity of any Card at the point of presentation.
  2. Where it is suspected that a card is being used inappropriately, fraudulently or in breach of these terms and conditions, the cinema operator reserves the right to retain the Card pending their further investigation.
  3. The CEA Card allows the cardholder to obtain ONE complimentary ticket for a person to provide assistance required as a result of the cardholder’s disability, during their visit to the cinema, provided that a full price ticket is purchased by the cardholder for the same film and auditorium. In providing a free ticket for another person to assist them during their visit, the cinema is offering one way of meeting its duty to make ‘reasonable adjustments’ for the cardholder under the disability aspects of the Equality Act 2010.
  4. A complimentary ticket is provided on the assumption that the person accompanying the cardholder is able to provide appropriate assistance. Illustrative, but not exhaustive, examples of such assistance might include having the ability to assist the cardholder in:
    1. moving around the venue including finding and taking a seat;
    2. evacuating the venue in the event of an emergency;
    3. ccompanying and/or assisting the cardholder in using the cinema’s washrooms; or
    4. purchasing refreshments.
  5. For this reason the presumption will be that the person accompanying the cardholder will be aged 16 years or over. However, the cinema operator reserves the right to make a judgement on the ability of any person to assist the cardholder during their visit to the cinema, and to refuse the provision of a complimentary ticket where it deems it inappropriate.
  6. One cardholder cannot benefit from the complimentary ticket provided to another cardholder. In all cases, one full price ticket must be bought for each complimentary ticket allowed. The cinema operator reserves the right to make other arrangements for two or more cardholders attending the cinema together.
  7. The use of the card is not limited during its period of validity, provided that on each occasion the cardholder observes the terms and conditions set out in this document.
  8. Use of this card does not give cardholders any additional rights of entry compared to those enjoyed by non-card holders, apart from those set out in these terms and conditions. Use of the card will be constrained in terms of programming and cinema capacity for a cardholder as they are for any paying customer.
  9. The Card cannot be used in conjunction with any other scheme operated by a cinema operator and the presumption is that the cardholder will purchase the appropriate full price ticket.

Period of validity

  1. The CEA card is valid for a period of one year from the date of issue. The validity date must be clearly legible at all times on the card, as should all other information present on the day of issue. Cinemas reserve the right to not accept, or to retain any Card where any details are no longer legible.

Renewal or loss

  1. On expiry of the CEA Card, or where a card has been lost, or where it is no longer legible, a full new application, including the administrative charge, must be submitted to CEA Card.


  1. Where a cardholder believes they have grounds to appeal the limits placed on the use of their CEA Card, or to question the actions of a participating cinema operator, such appeals should be made in writing in the first instance to:

    CEA Card
    PO Box 199
    CH5 9BW
    Telephone: 0344 967 0101
    Textphone: 18001 0344 967 0101

    Alternatively you can email us using the contact form.